How wireless dog fences can help keep your beloved pet safe

By | September 8, 2016

A wireless dog fence is an electronic system that alerts the owner when the dog has stepped out of the radius of the system. This is ideal if you don’t want to set up traditional fencing. This gives it an invisible dog fence and gives your dog a sense of freedom without the physical boundaries. We see how it can help you, your dog and dog safety.

What is a hidden dog fence?

It is a electronic system that keeps your dog within a predetermined area and a light electronic shock is triggered when a dog (wearing an electronic collar) goes outside of this area. The dog soon learns not to trigger the shock and so the area is now a virtual barrier.

What are the benefits of a wireless dog fence?


A wireless dog fence can be installed in a matter of hours, rather than a physical fence. A traditional fence may take days or weeks to fully install, from planning the area to be fenced, to digging and installing the fence. In-ground dog fences– this is where a wire is installed underground around the area to be ‘fenced’) – have problems with any power outages or wire breaks in the fencing and again, will take time and more money to fix the breach. It can also be beneficial if you want your dog to go outdoors but often do not have the time to go for a walk in the park or in the neighborhood.

A wireless fence can also be easily moved- wherever the transmitter is, the wireless fence will also be there. No longer does a dog owner have to worry about travelling with their pet abroad! They can bring the dog along and, as long as the dog is trained not to overstep the barrier, it can play to its hearts content, even in another country!

It also makes your dog more obedient and friendlier to guests and the community as they are getting a healthy amount of outdoor exercise rather than being cooped up indoors. Being cooped up indoors or restricted outdoors because of a wooden fence is unnatural for any dog and can make them aggressive or antisocial. Check here!

Things to consider with a wireless fence

You will need to train your dog to recognize the warning beeps and shocks it may receive. If it is too excitable for some reason, perhaps another dog has come into its territory, and ignores the beeps, it could cause it physical damage.

Related to this point is the fact the wireless fence does not stop other animals or humans from coming into the area, so be vigilant with your pet.

Like WiFi connection, a wireless dog fence works with a circular radius and so if your backyard is larger than this radius, this could cause problems for your dog. There may be areas of the yard it can’t go to.

Your dog would do well with a wireless dog fence, as it is easy to set up and maintain, and requires little groundwork for the owner. Compared to the other options, a wireless dog fence is the cheapest long term. Visit this site for more information :