Wireless dog fence for dog safety

By | September 30, 2017

First of all, a dog does not run away from home because they love their owners. Usually a dog runs by natural questions. Dogs do not hold grudges, hurt or get upset with you. We will teach you to prevent your dog run away to the street, but first you need to identify the reason for his doing so to ensure dog safety.

Reasons why your dog might want to away

– The hunting instinct is very strong or your dog is very curious and wants to recognize the territory, especially if a young dog;

– For fear of thunder, fireworks or even separation anxiety (fear of being alone and not having enough dog safety);

– The family moved to a new address and the dog was recently introduced to a new territory;

– The dog goes in search of their owners and is traveling away from home for several consecutive days;

– The dog is in a hosting or location that does not recognize as its territory or the home of his human family;

– Elderly dogs or patients tend to get disoriented more frequently and can get lost even on paths and places that they always attended;

– Even without the owners know the dog may be suffering mistreatment by someone who visits the house;

– The dog may be without food for many days and go out in search of food.

 Ensuredog safety with invisible dog fence

If your home is the type that is “in and out” of us all the time and the gate straight to the street, consider putting one second invisible dog fence. It may even be a removable gate as tube line (those white gates to dogs and children). The idea is that people have to open a gate and close it behind you before opening the other. This makes it easier to control dogs that like to force its passage through our legs.

In the days of football matches, year-end parties or celebrations with fireworks, put your dog into the house. Let him stay in one place quietly, with available water and a walk. Beware of windows and glass doors, because some dogs are so desperate trying to cross these gates. Some dogs feel better in very small places (a small room, or under some mobile). Others will behave better if they are free to run and bark. Observe your dog and choose the best place for him to stay. Here’s how pro your dog not to be afraid of: fireworks and thunder.

If your dog is in kennel consider using wireless dog fence, even if it has tiles. It has very reasonable climbing the kennel screens and escapes pushing the tiles.

 Other options to provide better dog safety to your pet

Consider with care the possibility of castrating your dog if you do not intend to be a creator. Castration brings, on average over three years of healthy life for him or her. The heat is a major cause of leakage, either from the female need to find a partner, or by the male out for “spree” and is lost in the world. Remember that the reproductive cycle of the dogs is not related to affection, as with humans, but it’s just a hormonal manifestation. Your dog will live much longer and happier if he is neutered. It is true! Ask anyone who has a neutered puppy and you will see how everyone is much happier! Either way, make sure you have, at least, a wireless dog fence! Visit www.qualitydogfence.com