The right dog fence for the highest dog safety

By | November 14, 2015

Who has a pet that is just like family knows  that there is no being careful enough for dog safety. Dogs that spend time alone at home, for example, are subject to very serious accidents, especially when they are still young; because they are more restless, curious and naive end up submitting to tragic consequences more easily. So it is very important that dogs tutors have carefully before you leave home and be aware of the possible risks to the animal. Also, please note that the company of an older, experienced dog is no guarantee of more security for the small.

Frequent accidents happen in the kitchen

The most frequent causes of occurrences is when people are having pets in the kitchen. According to the results, the accidents caused by boiling water splashing in animals are the most affected, being a major concern for over 70% of study participants. The pet’s exposure to hot oven is another very important item (drawing the attention of 55% of pets owners), followed by the animal’s exposure to knives that might fall tables. In such situations it is essential to have an in-ground dog fence.

The danger is everywhere.

Various objects – like plates or wooden planks – falling tables on animals also enter the owners of the list of concerns, as well as the presence of taken which may be responsible for serious shocks to curious pets. Therefore taken out of use should be kept covered with a proper fit, making it difficult for your dog try to destroy the protection to the paws. Vale also use sprays “repellent” that are easily found in the market for pets that exude an odor unattractive for the canine nose. That is why it is so important to have hidden dog fence whenever possible.

Cover the pool with canvas or make a playpen

Who lives in the house or apartment with pool should also take some preventive measures, for example, cover the pool with a tarp or surround it with a considerable height, so that the dog does not have access at times when there is nobody around to take over. If the pool has steps that allow the dog to go out alone, you should train him to leave by step, but without fully trust that he will do it. Pools are not the best to help in dog safety.

Keep cleaning materials in high places

Although the kitchen is one of the higher risk of home places, service area must also be observed, since the animals can have quick and easy access to cleaning products – that can be extremely toxic to pets, not to mention the bags waste likely to be raided by sniffer dogs and curious. Make sure that these products are being stored in high places and out of reach of your four-legged friend.

By following these tips you will definitely contribute to the dog safety! Are you ready to keep your best friend safe?