The Pros and the Cons of an Invisible Fence Collar

By | June 20, 2020

Not sure an invisible dog fence is necessary for your pet? Over the last few years, more pet owners have looked into invisible fences to keep their pets within the confines of their property and it’s easy to see why. Dogs are especially notorious for getting out and they can cause a lot of damage and even get hurt, so you do need something to protect them. However, is an invisible fence collar really the solution to the problem? Here are a few pros and cons to help you decide what’s best for your pet.

Pro – There’s No Physical Fence to Worry About

A physical fence is a nightmare for some homeowners. You not only have to worry about installing a new fence, but then the upkeep after, and for most, they don’t like that idea! However, with a hidden dog fence, there is no actual fence – or rather no physical fence! You can put the collar on the dog and when they approach the barrier they get a little electric shock so they know not to go outside the property’s perimeter. It’s supposed to help them remain within the property and keep them safe. It’s a nice idea and without having to install a new fence, it’s great.Click here.

Con – Your Dog Gets a Shock

Every time your dog goes near the invisible barrier, they will get a little shock in the collar and that’s something to think about. Everyone will have an opinion over these collars and whether you agree with them or not, you have to think about the dog. If you set the collar too high, the dog will get a nasty shock. Also, sometimes, if the dog is quite stubborn, no amount of electric shocks will stop him – or her – from getting out! That’s something to think of when it comes to using an invisible dog fence

Pro – A Cost-Effective Solution

A hidden dog fence is a great tool for those who don’t have the money to spend on a new fence. Let’s be honest, if the family pet is getting out all the time it usually means your walls or fences aren’t good enough. However, erecting new fences can cost a lot of money and it’s not something most families can afford. With the hidden fences, you’re getting a cost-effective solution and that’s the most important factor of all. 

Con – Won’t Protect Against Other Animals

An invisible dog fence is a neat idea when it comes to keeping your pet within the boundaries of your property; however, what about other animals? Will it be as effective against other animals coming into your property? Well no! Why? They aren’t wearing the collar and that’s a problem you need to think about when it comes to using the hidden fence. They’re great at keeping your animals where they should be, but useless against other intruders! 

Do what’s Best for Your Animals

People are often in two minds over the use of hidden and invisible dog collars and fences. It’s easy to see why they remain unsure, but there are good reasons to get them. Yes, there are a few negatives, but everything does. At the end of the day, you have to think about your pet and what is best for him or her. If you’ve tried all other measures, this might be the last resort. It comes down to what you feel is necessary for your pet. A hidden dog fence can be great and isn’t the most harmful solution either, but again, it’s your choice.