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Is A Hidden Fence Right For Your Dog?

Pet owners want dog safety for their beloved pets and there are more looking into ways to keep them safe while at home. Unfortunately, it’s tough to train a dog to remain within the confines of your property and you can’t keep an eye over them 24/7. It’s a problem which thousands face each and every year. However, while you might not initially like the idea of a hidden fence for your dog, it has become increasingly popular. That doesn’t mean to say everyone agrees with its use as there are concerns over how much pain it really brings to a dog. So, is a hidden fence right for your beloved pet?

How Secure Is Your Property?

If you’re worried about your pet getting loose while your back is turned, you have to think about whether or not the property is safe. What does that mean? Is your back yard enclosed? What about the front garden? Do you have a fence secure enough to prevent them digging underneath it and is it too high for them to jump over? If you haven’t been having trouble with your pet getting out and there doesn’t seem to be any security issues about the current fencing you have, a hidden dog fence might not as yet be necessary. However, if your pet has been getting out, it might be time to invest in one of those fences. Remember, if your dog gets loose … Read the rest

The Pros and the Cons of An Invisible Fence Collar

Having pets is a gracious habit. But controlling and keeping your pet especially dog inside a particular boundary is easier said than done. One way is to chain your dog but it’s practically not possible all the time. Therefore, some intelligent and curious dog holders have come up with a clever solution accredited as Invisible Dog Fence System.

It primarily is a wired fence that is placed under ground. It generates an electric shock and creates an invisible boundary around the marked field. Thus, it is an invisible dog fence that is wireless, in-ground and hidden and provides dog safety without any physical craftsmanship. It is also called Electric Fence. As it’s a new procedure and is in its growth process, therefore includes a large number of pros and cons, some of them are as under;see this site www.qualitydogfence.com

Pros of an Invisible Dog Fence:

1. Physical fence is not required.
2. You don’t have to change your yard’s landscape.
3. It provides freedom and safety to your dog, both at the same time.
4. It is highly advisable in towns and cities having strict fencing laws.
5. It protects your dog from traffic, strangers and other dangers present on the other side of the in-ground dog fence.
6. It is a DIY (Do it yourself) project, thus you don’t need to be an electrician to install it.
7. It is also cheaper than other physical fences.
8. It … Read the rest