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Tips to Help to Train Your Dog

If you want your dog to be obedient and if you’re looking to spend some fun time with it, you’re going to need to make sure that it’s trained properly from the very beginning. If you don’t act like a leader, they would take on the alpha role and try and boss you around. Therefore, from the very start you must make sure that you let them know that you’re the leader of the pack.

Positive Reinforcement helps a lot

Positive reinforcement doesn’t just work on dogs, but all animals. This is the reason most professional dog trainers make use of this technique when training your dogs.

Whenever a dog does something that you wanted it to do, you must praise it and if possible offer it a treat. However, if it does something, wrong you must shout at it and refuse to offer it any treats. Continue reading this for more.

You’re not going to be sure as to what motivates your dog the most. Is it a gentle pat on the head or is it a treat that does the trick? Well, each dog is different and. Therefore, you need to find out what works on your dog.

Everything needs to be earned

We all know that nothing in life is free and, therefore, you must make sure that your dog is well versed with this basic fact. If you feed your dog, and they turn their … Read the rest