Rules of Dog Safety for Kids

By | October 26, 2015

Getting a new dog is really a big change in your family, especially in concerning dog safety.  If you have kids, the first and major concern to have is on the safety of the kids within the presence of the dog.  But then a puppy can be quite harmless and a great solution mostly for young children. In that way the puppy can be able to grow alongside the children. But then it will be problematic if you are getting an older dog or even you have a dog already and soon you will have a new baby. Being able to get the child plus the pet dog socialize with each other is really challenge but within certain right precautions plus understanding, eventually everyone will be happy.

Child-Pet interaction

A parent is responsible on the awareness on the interaction between a child and the pet. Even as sometimes it may seem that a do is amiable, children in most cases bring unexpected things into the interaction. And it’s important to remember that a dog may see the dog as an enemy or threat even as it’s much stronger and quick than your kid. Infants in most cases are not problematic as their actions are not extreme. On the hand toddlers love playing with animals and may not understand the nature of dogs as scaring or even hurting. Therefore the younger a dog is introduced to the family the better. This will help in forging a strong interaction with the children and making them likely a threat but the child interaction with the pet should be monitored in all periods.

Setting ground rules

Then set ground rules for the children to follow, whereby the dog will likely become more threatened and irritated.  The children should be aware that it is not proper to pull a dog’s ear and tail or even putting fingers on the eye balls of the dog.  These are some of the common sense issues that are extremely helpful in an effort of trying to improve socializing between the dog and your child.  Secondly ensure that the child is aware of hidden dog fences and other electric invisible fences to avoid any injury to the dog and child. If you do not have a dog, it’s recommended to wait until the child is older enough to follow instructions

When a new born is on its way and you have a dog, there are some things that should be done. First it’s a good idea to have a very separate playground or roaming area for the dog that would be out of reach from the child. Set the area earlier enough before you have the baby like creating a dog fence. At the same time practice on giving commands to your dog while you are holding something that is the size of a child so that when the day comes in the dog will have become accustomed to the environment

When there is a proper supervision, the dog can eventually become a perfect companion to kids in their development stages.